LD0832PP3A - MySpace unit

With an impressive list of clients and an equally impressive list of large installations, Bisley LateralFile™ has built a solid reputation and become Europe’s leading range of business specified steel storage. Attention to detail and a commitment to customer service have won praise and recognition from top architects, designers and their clients.

Our site features the most frequently specified units of the extensive LateralFile™ range. Please contact your furniture dealer or Bisley account representative for information on alternative dimensions, closures and internals.

One of several solutions in the LateralFile™ range which enable flexible personal storage to be integrated with general office storage, MySpace™ locker units can be specified to include postal slots, as well as other additional features.

Features and benefits


Palette One

  • Alaska – ab6 Alaska Powder Light Tex 0% surcharge
  • Azure – bp5 Azure 0% surcharge
  • Black – av1 Black Textured 0% surcharge
  • Canary – bp9 Canary 0% surcharge
  • Dijon – bq5 Dijon 0% surcharge
  • Fuchsia – be2 Fuchsia 0% surcharge
  • Garnet – bq3 Garnet 0% surcharge
  • Mandarin – bq1 Mandarin 0% surcharge
  • Mimosa – bp8 Mimosa 0% surcharge
  • Orient – bq2 Orient 0% surcharge
  • Parma – bp6 Parma 0% surcharge
  • Portland – ab8 Portland Powder Light Tex 0% surcharge
  • Prussian – bp7 Prussian 0% surcharge
  • Regent – ag8 Regent Powder Light Tex 0% surcharge
  • Seville – bq4 Seville 0% surcharge
  • Silver - Systems – arn Silver - Powder Flat 0% surcharge
  • Slate – an9 Slate Powder Light Tex 0% surcharge
  • Tickleweed – bq6 Tickleweed 0% surcharge
  • Traffic White – ba5 Traffic White Text Powder 0% surcharge
  • Vanilla – ab5 Vanilla Powder Light Tex 0% surcharge
  • York – ag9 York Powder Light Tex 0% surcharge

Colour blocks are only approximations, please refer to Bisley metal colour samples for an exact representation.


Product code
six 12” locker doors
LateralFile MySpace™
0.44 m³
Gross weight
62.71 kg
CO₂ (tonnes)

The amount of carbon dioxide (CO₂) in tonnes or ‘carbon footprint’ of a single product.

File formats
Personal storage

Product Information Sheets


Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
External 1085(1073 - 1097) 800 470
Packed 1,200 850 520


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